How to Know If Your Ex Still Has Feelings For You - Here is How You Can Read Their Mind

Published: 30th March 2010
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"Familiarity breeds Contempt"- it is so relevant in any relationship. It initially starts with minor issues and before one realizes snowballs into a broken relationship. After the break up, though a person starts feeling bad about it, the damage looks beyond control. If both have regrets then things work out immediately. But even one person feels the loss then it's enough to rekindle the romance. However, it is essential to know before getting back whether your ex still has feelings for you or not. Well there are three important ways to do that.

Making contact-

The first signs to observe is that whether your ex is trying to communicate with you or not after the break up. If your ex is still interested in you then he/she is bound to send you text messages or make a call. There would be some mode of communication between both of you which is an assurance.

Meeting up-

The second sign to watch out for is to keep record of the number of times you meet each other. If you find out that your ex is around you in most of the social gatherings or events or he/she is still seen hanging around your old meeting places, then it sure is an indication. In addition, any signs of the person trying to contact your old friends would be testimony to this fact. Once or twice these meetings may be a matter of chance but if it happens pretty often then it's a deliberate effort to be around you.

Desirable changes-

If it is found that your ex is suddenly looking different or if you find him/her being careful about certain things; then it means that it is a desperate attempt to make amends. This behavioral change may be the one which you always insisted on. There also might be a physical makeover to impress you. These are all the signs to indicate that the person is making genuine effort to put things back on track.

When you see your ex doing all the above mentioned things then it is best to keep the lines of communication open so that he/she could discuss the things openly. It is best to get back with each other rather than mop over a relationship that could have been saved.

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