How to Know If Your Ex Still Cares About You? Sure Shot Ways to Find it Out Before It's Too Late

Published: 17th May 2010
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If, after the breakup, your ex has not been able to bury feelings of love and passion then these feelings are sure to surface inadvertently, sometimes even without your ex realizing it.

There are however, some indications that will at least tell you that your ex still cares about you and this fact could help two pining souls re-unite as one.

Your ex's stance could have mellowed considerably. Your ex could have spitted venomous words immediately after the breakup but you might suddenly notice that the barbs have been replaced with words that almost drip with repentance. Your ex could be regretting his/her hard stance and the tone could indicate that he/she is asking for forgiveness. Your ex could also have become more flexible in his/her views and actions.

Your ex keeps an eagle eye on you. Even though your ex might not be with you, he/she could still check on your well-being and whereabouts through common friends. This could mean that your ex still cares about you, especially if you flirt with someone at a party and your ex turns green with jealousy in the presence of common friends.

Your ex turns into your man or woman Friday. Your ex could suddenly offer to help you with any problem however large or small that you might have. Your ex could be trying to convey to you that he/she can still be trusted even as he/she tries to create a soft corner in your heart. On the other hand, your ex could also ask you to solve problems faced by him/her just to spend time with you.

Your ex does not date anyone else. You would have noticed that your ex has not even looked at any other suitor after the breakup. He/She might not even have tried dating someone else even though you could have observed certain individuals literally throwing themselves over your ex. Your ex could not bear the thought of hurting you and might have hence avoided entering the dating scene.

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