How to Know If Your Ex Still Cares About You? 4 Sure Shot Ways to Find Out Instantly

Published: 06th May 2010
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Why look so lost and forlorn? A split up happens in every person's life and relationships. Some get mended and some don't. The beauty and answer lies in the way one handles it. Yes, painful it is and worse still when there is no signs of morose on the other end. Hope is one thing that you should never let go of and one question which is, does he or she still love me?

Here are four tips that will help you know if you're ex still cares about you or not.

Always remember that you are a large chunk of your ex's thoughts. There's an obvious pining in the expressions of you're ex, he or she appears to be upset and disheveled. Often an unkempt appearance is a telltale sign of unspoken grief.

To an ex that still cares you become the topic of discussion and conversation much to the disgust or sympathy of others. On and on they go and surprisingly they are not stopped by the listeners many times. They give voice to whatever they are thinking.

Rebound relationships are another way of getting even. These are baseless and temporary. The ex tries hitting back in retaliation knowing fully well that this is only to get the other jealous and show the other that they are through with them.

If you are the bold, outright type then confront your ex directly. Know that all relationships are based on trust, understanding and honesty. This helps a lot instead of just assuming things or beating around the bush. You also need to have the courage to face the truth if you are to adopt this tip.

It is inevitable that one will always care after spending time with the other. You're ex will always have that special little twitch at the sound of your name. A fine thread called care will always be there. The above mentioned tips will help you to a certain extent.

A heart that is truly touched will always care!

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