How to Know If Your Ex is Still Interested in You Or Not? You Do Not Want to Miss This at All

Published: 21st May 2010
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Months or even years after breaking up with your loved one, you find yourself still not able to cope with the loss. You have endured sleepless nights up to this point and unfortunately, have experienced no relief. Unable to move on without that person, you begin wondering if there is still a chance that you will be together again.

The truth is that it is possible to get your relationship back on track if your ex is still interested in you. Thus, you should be able to determine if he/she indeed feels the same.

It is however, foolish to personally ask him/her about it because you can never be sure of his/her feelings. It's too early to do that. Therefore, you need to discretely observe your ex if he/she shows four signs of interest. Set up a schedule so that both of you will be able to talk and settle your differences.

1. Your ex constantly keeps in contact with you.
- Communication is the most evident sign of the existence of a relationship. If your ex maintains contact with you through telephone calls, text messages, letters, or e-mails as often as possible, he/she is definitely still interested in you. The more frequent these actions are, the more intense his/her feelings are. This means that he/she still cares for you.

2. Your ex still wants to see you.
- If your former flame still has feelings of affection for you, he/she cannot let you go out of his/her life. Therefore, they take the chance to be with you especially when you become friends once more. They always invite you to go out to different activities ranging from walks in the park to beach parties. That person may cling to the hope that you might fall in love with him/her again.

3. Your ex inquires your mutual friends about you.
- Naturally, your ex-lover cannot talk to you personally on getting back to your love relationship because it is a sensitive issue. Hence, he/she will try to connect with you by means of your mutual friends. At first, they will inquire on how you are doing. Eventually he/she will open up his/her feelings regarding the breakup and the opportunity to start all over again. This will facilitate communication because your mutual friend will act as an emissary between you and your ex.

4. Your ex still does favors for you
- If your ex-lover still loves you, he/she will do things that they used to do when you were both a couple. This means that he/she is still interested in your well-being. Why would they spend time doing these nicest things for you if they have moved on or already had someone else in their life?

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