How to Know If Your Ex is Still Interested in You - 3 Mind Blowing Ways to Figure it Out Right Away

Published: 23rd April 2010
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If you want to get back with your ex after a breakup, it is very important to first know if your ex is still interested in you. He or she might try various antics to stay in touch with you and might even throw subtle or not-so-subtle hints at you. Here are 3 tips to know if your ex is still interested in you....

Tip # 1 - Your ex still keeps a tab on you. Your ex might constantly try to keep a tab on you by asking your friends about your daily activities and might be particularly interested in knowing if you were dating someone. He or she might also try to soften up one of your close family members in a bid to ferret out some information on you.

Tip # 2 - Your ex keeps bumping into you. Your ex might pop up at all your usual places such as the mall, at parties, etc. He or she might try to start a conversation with you while observing your reactions at the same time. On the whole, he or she might try to remain within your line of vision in a desperate bid to avoid you from thinking about dating someone else.

Tip # 3 - Your ex has still not moved on. You might find that your ex has not started dating anyone else after the breakup even though he or she might have been pursued by a couple of suitors. He or she might also not have visited you to return any memorabilia that you might have exchanged or gifted each other during your relationship.

These 3 tips will provide you with enough hints that your ex is still interested in you and is treating the breakup as just a pause in the relationship. If you too are interested in getting back together then these tips should guide you towards your next move.

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