How to Know If Your Ex is Still in Love With You - Amazingly Effective Tricks to Figure it Out

Published: 14th May 2010
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Snapping off a relationship in which you invested your heart and soul in not easy. You actually put a lot of emotions and commitment in it. When it goes away, it leaves a void in your heart and your world comes crashing down.

You wonder if your ex still loves you the way you love him or her. But it is not a rocket science to know if your ex still loves you or not. You need to read the signs if your ex is still in love with you and he is just pretending to be indifferent towards your feelings.

The first sign is the way he or she talks to you. You would notice his affection towards you especially when he asks about your life and if you are seeing other people. If the break up took place because of your ex, he would try his best to mend the relationship and will definitely come back to you.

He would go out of way to tell you that he is sorry for the mess and is ready to take the relationship more maturely. He would also try to convey that he has changed after the break up realizing that it was his mistake.

Sometimes eyes speak a lot about what you feel inside. They never lie. So it is easy to tell that he still loves you by looking in to his eyes, the way he looks at you and talk to you.

He would make an attempt to see you casually once in a while and would talk how things could have been different. Pay heed to his body language as a lot can be read out of that. His comfort and honesty in your company will definitely tell you that he still loves you.

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