How to Know If You Are Being Cheated On - Is Your Spouse Doing Any of These?

Published: 11th May 2010
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Cheaters cannot help being true to type! There are certain 'behavior patterns' that they tend to follow. This is probably because they are under great stress and tension having to keep the people they are with in the dark about their infidelities. These behavior patterns are giveaways and will reveal the true nature of the cheater.

Cheaters will usually smile falsely, be over enthusiastic and do their utmost to put you at ease. They will try to hug and embrace you to try to convince you of the lie that was told to you. Cheaters are even known to buy expensive gifts for their partners to try and appease them.

Guilt feelings will make cheaters try to avoid having confrontations with you. The fear of breaking down and confessing everything will make them keep postponing a confrontation. Cheaters live for the moment and the excitement that goes with it. Any commitment to future plans will make them run away.

Cheaters find it difficult to discuss lying, deceit and deception with you. Sometimes the guilt trip he/she is on will make him/her be so attentive and loving that it makes you wonder if you were barking up the wrong tree! Cheaters will keep alternating between behaviors like this.

Cheaters will never be themselves but will always have to pretend to be what he/she is not! In trying to placate your fears, a cheater will be smooth, charming and full of compliments. Beware of these and rely on your intuition. Your sixth sense sometimes can hit the nail on the head and help you see facts plainly.

It is impossible to live with a cheater and one has to be rid of the psychological stress that goes along with it. Most cheaters you will find can never keep their word no matter how much they promise and swear to abide by it. Commitment is a word that does not exist in their vocabulary. Be on the look out for these telltale signs.

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