How to Know If My Ex Still Loves Me - Sure Shot Ways to Know What's on Your Ex's Mind

Published: 06th May 2010
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If, even after your breakup with your ex, you still have feelings for your ex then it could be time to also check your ex's feelings towards you. Your ex's body and actions are sure to throw smokeless signals towards you, sometimes even without your ex's mind permitting your ex to do so.

Here are 7 tips on how to know if your ex still loves you.

1- Your ex might be compelled to call you at odd times and that too for a wide range of silly reasons.

Your ex's body might just be overpowered by his/her mind that could be desperately fluttering to hear your voice again and again.

2- Your ex might try to 'accidentally' bump into you at any mall or party that you might be known to frequent.

This too could be a sign that your ex's eyes are tearfully blinking to catch you in its sights.

3- Your ex might try to act calm while casually talking with you but his/her body might be fidgeting like a nervous kid in a candy shop.

This could be your ex's nervous body indicating that it misses those lovely times that you had spent together enveloped in each others arms.

4- Your ex might also continually ask common friends about your daily activities after the breakup.

In fact, your ex might stress more on trying to pry open your love life after the breakup by finding out if you have started dating anyone else.

5- Your ex might jump at the slightest chance to help you out in case you were bogged down.

Hence, your ex might show up early in the morning to help you paint your house and might linger on long after the work might be complete.

6- Your ex might not have shown any interest in dating anyone else long after the breakup.

Even though you might notice a few suitors hovering around your ex, your ex on the other hand might still have his/her eyes only for you.

7- Your ex might land up at your door with gifts and flowers to mark special occasions even after the breakup.

This could surely indicate that your ex wants you to get back into the relationship since his/her body and mind is still stuck in it.

These 7 tips will provide you with adequate proof that your ex is still in love with you and wants to get back together as soon as possible.

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