How to Know If My Ex Still Loves Me - 3 Stunning Ways to Know What's Really Going on in Their Mind

Published: 12th April 2010
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If you have had a fight and split up with your spouse, lover, soul-mate or friend, you could be left with a feeling of depression and loneliness after the angry outburst. However, things might not be as bad as they might seem in your mind and there might still be some chance of rekindling the relationship. Your better half might also have realized the same thing but might be in a similar dilemma. Here are 3 tips to find out if your ex still loves you.....

Tip 1 - Your ex makes excuses to meet you. Your ex might try to contact you through phone calls or even by email. He or she might even try to meet you with an excuse of returning something to you or even meeting the kids, if you have any. During these meetings your ex might talk about the fun things that you enjoyed together and might not appear or act bitterly towards you at all. Best of all, your ex might not appear at your door with another partner hanging on to his or her arm.

Tip 2 - Your ex might turn apologetic. Instead of spewing anger, your ex might actually start apologizing for some of the harsh words or actions that transpired between the both of you. Your ex might even try to impress upon you that he or she is trying to change for the better.

Tip 3 - Your ex might try flirting again with you. Your ex might try flirting again with you just as in your earlier days or nights. He or she might start dressing smarter and even start gifting you with small gifts while mumbling vague excuses as to the reason for getting you those gifts.

If your ex has been exhibiting the above tips, then you would be better off asking him or her about their true feelings for you. If you misinterpret the signs then it might turn out to be a sequel of your earlier heartbreak. If you too reciprocate the feelers sent out by your ex, then your love story could indeed have a happy ending.

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