How to Know If a Girl Likes You? Here Are the Brilliant Fool-Proof Ways to Read Her Mind Instantly

Published: 22nd April 2010
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Guys can be really funny when it comes to wooing a girl they desire or even having her around. Though guys always wear a cool attitude and appear calm and composed, they often are reduced to mere wrecks when they meet the girl they like as they have no clue as to what and how she feels about him. Girls are known to be emotional and soft but when guys are out on their flirting mission and their chatty jujitsu, they tend to feel nervous and shy.

But I would suggest hat you need not be nervous as it's very easy to understand what a girl is feeling. Remember, girls have some predefined reactions and these would manifest what a girl feels and wants. Look for some of these signs in a girl...

Note the Body Language-

The way a girl moves, talks, takes a sip and looks can reveal everything that she has on her mind. This is the numero Uno guys. Observe her very well to find how often she makes eye contact with you; the more she does the better for you. Eye contacts are a signal that you are wanted. She would also play with her locks, adjust her clothes and jewellery and fiddle with the straw at times to grab your attention. A girl who desires you would have a flirty body language, quite similar to what you wear when you are trying to please a girl. So you should know.

Is She Playing Cool? -

Girls often try not to react to those guys who seem to be interested in them. Now, I can't help this; girls have always been like this. Even if they like a guy they would be manipulating and trying to act indifferent till the time she possibly can. When you are with common friends, she might as well try to ignore you. Make a note and then try to leave the place as soon as you can. But before you leave, just announce that you have a party elsewhere and you want a girl to accompany you....anyone!! If she turns at you, you should know that she likes you.

Have You Felt the Midas touch? -

Well, if the girl you desire has also a liking for you; she would try to be touchy at times. She would lean on you and express her interest through her body. She might also touch you every now and then, just as a friendly gesture. But you should know what it indicates.

Now listen carefully-

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