How to Know If a Girl Likes You by Reading Her Mind - Here is Something Every Guy Must Know

Published: 29th April 2010
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While you are busy trying to impress the girl of your dreams, it is also important that you try to read her mind at the same time to find out if your efforts will bear results.

So take a little time out from only reading her body and study these 4 tips on how to know if a girl likes you by reading her mind...

Tip #1 - Observe her eyes. Since you just cannot observe her mind, focus on her eyes. If she keeps looking at you shyly, and looks away intermittently then this is a good sign.

However, if she looks away most of the time and throws only brief, uninterested glances towards you then she is just not into you.

Tip #2 - Observe her talk. You can also come to know about her state of mind once she starts talking with you. If she keeps any conversation going cheerfully and talks excitedly then she is definitely comfortable with you.

However, if she answers in monosyllables, talks curtly and cuts you off while talking then you are in trouble.

Tip #3 - Observe her posture. If you have suitably impressed the girl then her stance towards you will be relaxed. She might also try to touch your arm or shoulder as you make her laugh with your jokes.

On the other hand if she is rigid and moves away every time you lean towards her then she could be just nervous or worse, not like you at all.

Tip #4 - Observe her reactions. This is an important aspect of reading a girl's mind since her reaction will reflect her mentality. Observe her reactions when you praise her, talk to her or look at her.

If she is into you, then these reactions will be genuine and instantaneous. If not, then she would just have an 'I do not care' or 'whatever' attitude to any moves that you throw at her.

These 4 tips will provide you visual signs as to the state of mind of your girl and by interpreting them correctly you will be able to reach closer to your girl without any problem.

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