How to Know If a Girl Likes You! 5 Sure Shot Signs to Find Out Whether a Girl Truly Likes You Or Not

Published: 30th April 2010
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It's quite often the way that you are completely besotted with a girl but you are never certain whether or not she really likes you. Fortunately there are five great signs that you can use to identify whether a girl really does like you. If the signs suggest that she does in fact like you then you will be able to pluck up the courage to make a move....

Looking at you-
If she looks at you on a regular basis and you catch her checking you up from top to bottom then it's pretty certain that she likes you. It's important that you dress well and stand up straight! No Slouching!

Smiles are very important, if you notice that she smiles when she's looking at you then this means that she likes what she is looking at. Any type of smile is good news, whether it's a shy or bold smile. She might look away when you catch her eye, but this doesn't mean anything, just that she is shy.

Some girls will find any excuse they possibly can to talk to you, they might try to get their friends to introduce you for example. They will then use this conversation as an opportunity to collect information about yourself. This is a sure fire way to tell that a girl likes you.

Phone number-
If she tries to give you her phone number for whatever excuse then this is a great sign. It shows that she wants you to phone her up, so do something with the number and actually phone her up!

She focuses on you-
If you are around with lots of other people but the girl is still focused on you then that is a great sign. It shows that she has picked you out among all of the others in the crowd. This is a great time to start thinking about your first date.

These are 5 very valuable signs which can be used to show that the girl you like also likes you. These signs are great because they will prevent you from looking like a fool by making a move on a girl that isn't interested. By making sure that the girl really likes you then you shouldn't have any problem.

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