How to Know If a Girl Likes You - 5 Proven Ways to Find Out Whether a Girl Likes You Or Not

Published: 05th May 2010
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Instead of standing and gawking at the girl of your dreams and wondering if she too likes you, decode these 5 signs and get a confirmation that she really is into you...

1- Her eyes will tell you the entire story all on its own. However, if you try to stare intently into her eyes, she might think that either you are short sighted or just lecherous. Instead, try throwing fleeting glances towards her and observe her eyes. If she repeatedly looks away after letting her eyes linger over your body then this is a good sign.

2- Her mannerisms too will indicate a lot. She might shyly smile when you look towards her. She will not show her back to you but instead stand either facing you or might face slightly away from you. But she will definitely make it a point to look at you from time to time.

3- She might also try to get closer to you. If you have not initiated any action towards her then she just might get into action. She could call upon a common friend to get an introduction with you or might just muster enough courage and introduce herself.

4- She would now stay focused totally on you. She would absorb every word that you speak and observe every move that you make. She might also laugh at your jokes, however pitiful they might be and while laughing might lightly touch your arms. This again, is a very good sign.

5- Once she has begun talking to you then you too should make your next move and go in for the kill by asking for her phone number. If she divulges her number without hesitation then she is definitely interested in going out with you.

So, simply identify these 5 signs that the girl might shyly toss towards you and then use your own moves to get the girl of your dreams to step into your real world.

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