How to Know If a Girl is Into You? 4 Signals of Attraction You Should Always Look For

Published: 26th May 2010
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Every girl is unique and each has her own way to signal her interest in the opposite sex, whether it is through body language, speech or other subtle actions. It is at times pretty frustrating not knowing if a particular girl is attracted to you or not.

Learning to read between the lines and looking for indications as well as subtle gestures that can tell you if she is attracted to you is important. These tips are guaranteed to help you.

• Don't rule out the obvious signs: There are typical signs that tell you if a girl is attracted to you. These are:

1. She gives you her telephone number and asks you to call her.

2. She is always available for a date with you.

3. If after your first date you tell HER to call YOU and she does - it means that she is interested.

4. If she's constantly doing nice things for you, etc.

• Check out her body language: You know a girl is into you when she brushes against you "accidentally" when she passes by you, or adjusts her posture whenever you are around - sitting or standing up straighter or even holding in her tummy.

• When she strikes up a conversation with you: This could happen immediately when she clasps eyes on you or after a while (when she's mustered up enough of courage). A girl who is interested in you is likely to find out information about you - like your name, age and more importantly whether you are seeing someone or married etc.

• When she makes sexual overtures towards you: All you got to do is watch if the girl in question gazes at you with love-sick eyes, stares at your mouth, strokes her face, neck or arms etc while talking to you, laughs at all your jokes, and holds eye contact with you. These are sure signals that she is madly attracted to you.

Once you have noticed that a particular girl has given you her undivided attention and does not mind if you touch her or invade her space, it is a sure sign that she is interested and attracted to you. Further tests could be carried out by you to confirm her interest like if she is willing to stay with you and leave her friends for you, etc.

These signs will help you to decide whether you want to make a move towards continuing the friendship and taking it to a deeper and higher level. Learning to read the signals of women will also help you to understand them better and avoid making mistakes.

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