How to Keep a Woman Interested in You - 3 Tips Guaranteed to Make You a Girl Magnet

Published: 22nd April 2010
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Now that you have broken the ice with the woman that you like, it is important that you make the right moves to keep the flame of interest burning bright. Here are 3 keys that can keep your woman interested in you....

Key 1 - Surprise her sporadically. There is nothing that women like more than surprises in the form of clothes, jewelry or perfumes. You can also whisk her off to a romantic seaside restaurant where you can just watch the sun dip into the ocean with champagne glasses in your hand, filled with champagne, of course. Keep a little unpredictability in your love life to keep the interest and excitement alive.

Key 2 - Upgrade yourself. Men and women tend to get bored after some time. The key here is to constantly upgrade yourself in terms of physical and mental health. You should exercise regularly to become fit, get some smart clothes that enhance your personality and get a haircut that she always fantasized about. You should always talk about something new and intelligent instead of sticking to the same topics that you might have had in the past.

Key 3 - Create your own bubble. You need to keep some space for yourself and also give enough breathing space for your woman to remain comfortable. Do not pester her throughout the day but instead live your own life. This will make her miss you after some time and the meetings that you have will be sweet and lasting. Do not let her take you for granted since that will simply kill the mystery in your relationship.

These 3 keys will ensure that you will easily be able to keep the woman that you like interested and waiting impatiently to meet you. Remain tuned to her needs and surprise her when she least expects it. Challenge yourself continuously and remain a challenge for her too.

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