How to Keep a Girl Interested in You - She Will Never Avoid You From This Point On - EVER!

Published: 27th April 2010
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You need to be a charmer to charm your girl. Yet you should not let her feel and believe that she can make you dance around her little finger. The essence of keeping her interested in you is not letting go of the entire length of the rope. Keep the reigns in your control and then you will have her under your spell. Essentially the secret lies in keeping her interested in you at all times....

Catching her fancy-

When a guy is smart, handsome, well dressed, humorous, and lively he's sure to catch any girl's fancy, especially if he's the perfect woman's man. A girl is always attracted to a man who manages to keep alive the attention of all the girls around him. Make sure that you are the center of attraction at all times. Keep the girls jovially engaged in conversation and show your attention and interest in whatever they say.

Be sensational and captivating-

Converse with your girl in the most captivating manner yet without divulging all there is to know about you. Tell her only that much as is required on your first meeting. Hold back the rest for another time. If she knows everything about you and realizes there is nothing more to know then she might lose interest. Yet pass on the suggestion that there is much to know about you, but do not brag about it. Learn to maintain a certain amount of secrecy so that the interest remains alive.

Show undivided attention-

While with your girl ensure that you give her your undivided attention. Be totally focused on her as long as you are with her. Show your interest and attention by actively participating in what she says. Yet when away from her make no attempt to contact her. She will crave your attention and closeness. If you show that you are not chasing her then she will chase you. But if she gets the inclination that you are chasing her then she'll run further.

The important thing is to remain elusive and not be like an open book.

Now listen carefully-

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