How to Indirectly Get a Woman's Attention - This Will Make Your Pickup Smooth and Effective!

Published: 26th May 2010
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Women expect you to be boring, and a jerk just like the other guys. Well, at least they would only expect this if you gave them a CHANCE.

However, none of that is going to matter anymore, because I am going to introduce you to a sick dating tactic which will INDIRECTLY get a woman's attention, even if she was ignoring you before.

Your INITIAL approach can make or break the situation so make it count -
Any success with women boils down to the initial APPROACH you use, and to have a smooth pickup from the start, you need to begin using indirect approaches.

Believe it or not, but if you just directly tell a woman what you want, why you are there, and what exactly you are looking for, she will tell you to get lost. She will also yawn and ignore you if she can TELL any of the above from your initial approach.

Men often tell women what they want, simply by using common open ended questions or compliments towards women.

For instance, here are some harsh, but true examples of typical approaches men use:

You: Can I buy you a drink, beautiful?
Her: No.

You: I'm a woman pleaser
Her: Then please leave me alone.

Obviously these are cheesy examples, but many men actually try to use these kinds of approaches, and in reality, they are a complete turn off to women.

Indirect approaches will allow you to take control
So obviously those kinds of approaches can tell a woman what you are looking for, because you are either asking for her permission (to buy her a drink), or for her approval (complimenting her).

But this can easily be turned around, take this example of a smooth indirect approach for instance:

You: Are you alone?
Her: Yes, you?
You: I can't answer that, it's a secret.
Her: Why?
You: Well, for all I know you could be a serial stalker!
Her: Haha, seriously?!
You: Well it's a good thing that I know how to handle women, otherwise I might actually be afraid of you.

The conversation would flow on from there, but already you have sparked her interest and have upped your game, so to speak, because you have her instantly wondering what you are all about, and also wondering what you are there for.

Sure, you have given her a HINT by asking her if she was there alone, however you took away her assumptions by instantly retracting the idea that you may be interested in her, by redirecting the conversation to the idea that she may in fact be interested in you.

Now listen carefully-

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