How to Impress Women Even When You Aren't the Best Looking Guy! Read This Right Away

Published: 27th May 2010
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You must have noticed that there are some men who attract women towards them like bees to honey. Often you will see that these men are quite average to looking and are not even loaded with money! So what is it that these men have that you don't?

That thing is called the right attitude. Not all men are Donald Trumps' or Brad Pitts', but they are still successful in whatever they do as they know what their faults are and they work to better themselves. Here are some of the things that can help you become a success with women even if you are not amongst the best looking ones.

o Confidence: Your confidence reflects in your body language. Women are like bloodhounds and can smell fear and discomfort in an instant. Always make sure that you are smartly dressed according to your surrounding and are comfortable where you are. Don't try to be what you are not and you shall not fall on your face.

Women like confident men who take the initiative. So be the one to take the initiative of introducing yourself instead of waiting for someone to introduce you or worse, wait for her to approach you.

o Control: It is expected for a man to be in control of the situation that he is in and also of his emotions. Becoming nervous or trying to be something you are not will make you land on your face. Learn to hold a normal natural conversation and don't get too emotional and most importantly, Never approach a woman if you are drunk or high!

Going to talk to a woman when you are not in complete control of your emotions might freak her out leading to another case of rejection. If you feel you are not in control then take a deep breath and then go and speak to her!

o Humor: The best way to start a conversation and keep a conversation light and interesting is by using humor. But take care that you don't overdo the humor and end up looking like a clown. The key to a good conversation is to find the balance that separates witty from crazy.

o Respect: Women like to be treated with respect and like to be with men who command respect. It is important that you listen to a woman when she speaks and are chivalrous and polite but don't mistake respect and politeness with being a doormat. Don't agree with her unnecessarily and don't behave like a puppy.

Being assertive, positive and having a point of view project you as a person who has a mind of his own, a quality that women appreciate greatly.

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