How to Impress Women - Make Women Chase You Around Like Crazy and Beg For Attention

Published: 27th April 2010
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The best way to impress a woman is showing her that you're not out to impress her. Women are smart when it comes to judging men and can easily spot it when you try to impress them. Yet there are ways which are not so obvious when it comes to impressing a woman....

Be a good person-

The best impression that a man can carry is being a good person. Be a good friend, show compassion, understanding, concern, care and consideration. A woman knows then that you are dependable. She would certainly love to spend an entire lifetime with you because she knows she'll find happiness in such a relationship where the man is kind, considerate and helpful. You will be the real friend that every woman longs for. She'll never have to turn to anybody else in times of need.

Be wise and intelligent-

No one person can be a master of all subjects. But certainly a person needs to be worldly wise and intelligent. He should be updated on various subjects like finance, industry, politics, sports and world news. He should be comfortable speaking on a variety of subjects. His confidence and opinions on such topics of interest will automatically impress women who come in touch with him.

Integrity and sincerity-

There are certain other qualities about a person such as integrity and sincerity which impress women. There is a certain amount of dependability about a person who has such qualities. In times of difficulty a woman knows she will never feel let down or insecure. She knows you'll always come to her rescue and take charge of a situation. Not only that, you will handle a situation with care, confidence, and ease. You will rectify any problem and make life easy and comfortable.

These are qualities which any woman would want in a man. If these are the qualities you have then there's no need to look for ways to impress women. You will attract them even if you do not wish to do so.

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