How to Impress Any Girl Fast - Use These and You Will Never Struggle Around Girls Again

Published: 27th April 2010
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Girls are easily attracted to confident, intelligent, strong, knowledgeable and well mannered men. Remember the adage- "first impressions are the last impressions". There may not be any second chance to impress. So make the most of the first opportunity....

Confidence and good manners-

These qualities show in the way you talk, stand, sit and even walk. Look at yourself in the mirror and gauge your confidence and good manners. Are they being exhibited in everything you say and do? Practice daily in front of the mirror, until you have mastered the various techniques. The way you shake hands or greet a person should also exude your confidence and manners. Practice makes a man perfect, so go ahead and ask your friend to help you out.

Intellectual and knowledgeable-

Girls always look up to intelligent men. Pretending to be intelligent, when you're not, will show when you open your mouth to speak. Stay abreast of the latest happenings around the world. Update your knowledge on the latest equipments even if you do not happen to possess them. But remember not to brag or you'll get labeled as a show-off. Girls will shun you. Be genuine to the bone and sincere in every manner. And more importantly be down to earth. Be simple and not over smart; anyone will see through you.

A good physique-

Along with your looks you need to have an equally good physique. Perhaps it is true "never judge a book by its cover"! But it also is true that you pick up a book when you've seen the cover. Your physique will carry the initial impression so keep exercising regularly, and always be well groomed. A girl is always impressed by an attractive and well dressed guy. The rest follows steadily.

Adhering to these tips will surely impress the girl on your first date. But keep up the good work with impressions and do not slacken and become careless. A girl always likes to have the best man beside her.

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