How to Impress Any Girl Even If You Aren't That Rich - Here is Something No One Knows

Published: 10th May 2010
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It is not necessary to be filthy rich to impress girls although it does help to impress certain girls quickly.

However, most girls do not rate money as the only criteria to get impressed and there are several ways on how you can impress a girl even if you are poor. Here are 7 of them.

- The first tip is to develop killer confidence. Being poor does not mean that you look at the ground at all times and shuffle your feet while walking. Killer confidence will impress any girl and your positive attitude will rub on to her and others around you too.

- You should also develop a special skill such as singing, dancing, etc. This will suitably impress your girl even more than simply taking her to an expensive dinner.

- Girls are more romantic than guys. Hence, a small bouquet of flowers along with a small and inexpensive gift would speak in their language much more than simply throwing money on hiring a limo and taking her to the disco.

- You can also put together a picnic hamper and take your girlfriend out on a hiking or cycling trip. It will not cost much but will still enable both of you to spend some quality time outdoors together.

- Girls are more emotional than guys. If you remain faithful to your love and shower love only on her then she will accord such gestures much more importance than mere money.

- Even if you are poor but show inclination that you are willing to work hard, earn enough money to improve your life and of those that you love, then this too is certain to impress your girl enough to stick by you.

- Lastly, do not go neck down in debt in your endeavor to impress your girl. You will lose all respect along with your money if you do so. Instead, be honest, caring and genuine in your love and watch your girl love and respect you as a man.

These 7 tips will help you to impress a girl even if you are poor and her support along with hard work will help you to happily race ahead together in the adventure called life.

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