How to Impress a Girl Within Seconds! Girls Will Be Literally Addicted to You After This Point

Published: 13th May 2010
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Every man loves to impress a girl. Every man also dreams of dating a gorgeous female. Men always get impressed by females. However, the same cannot be said about the females. Females always look for those certain special qualities in a man. Impressing a girl can take a lot of time, may be years as well. However, life has become fast and hence men don't really have the patience and the time to invest into impressing a girl for years. There are many different ways by which a man can impress a girl within a matter of few seconds or minutes. Many of the males out there would raise your eyebrow after reading the previous statement. However, it is very much true and possible. Here are some of the things that you need to do.

o Posture plays one of the most important roles when it comes to impressing a girl. Always make sure that you hold your head high. However, do not keep staring at the sky. You should avoid looking down. This would make you look timid and would definitely not impress the girl. It is recommended that you stand erect like a tiger. Do not look like a zombie as it would scare the girl rather than impress her. You should always avoid keeping your hands inside the pockets. One of the most important things is that you should not be nervous. However, don't even try to give an impression that you have done this many times and you are a pro at it.

o One of the best ways of impressing a girl within seconds is the eye contact. Express your feelings through your eyes a lot more rather than working the tongue all the time. Use your eyes to seduce the lady.

o Do not act desperate to get the girl though your heart is burning with desire. You need to be calm and have full control of your emotions at ay point of time.

o Your dressing sense is very important. Men are of the opinion that beauty id for women and they have nothing to do with it. In reality it is not the fact. Men need to neatly dressed and spray a mild perfume to impress a girl within seconds.

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