How to Handle Competition From Other Men When it Comes to Women? Real Effective Tips

Published: 26th May 2010
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Often many men are bound to get attracted to the same woman. Most of these men are bound to make their moves in a bid to get closer to that woman.

Here are some tips that could blow the competition away in case you are competing with other men to win the affections of a particular woman.

• Quickly ascertain yourself as the alpha male: As soon as you enter a room, make sure that you take control with your confidence and stance. Do not cower in a corner but instead move to the centre of the room. Hold your drink with confidence and make intelligent conversation if you are with a friend.

The first impression is usually a lasting impression and if you shine with confidence then you are sure to attract more women towards you than other men in that room.

• Showcase your skills at the first opportune moment: Instead of waiting for other men to show their best side and impress 'your' woman, take the initiative and showcase your own skills first.

Whether it is your sense of humor, your immense wealth, your peak physical condition or any other skill, talent or point that you might have over other males, use it fast. You never know what might appeal to that woman. You can then simply tone down aspects that 'your' woman might not approve of.

• Make the woman want you: You will never be successful in getting a date if you try too aggressively or force yourself on a woman. You need to awaken feelings of desire from within a woman so that she notices no one except you in a sea of prospective males.

By remaining sensitive to her needs, hearing and understanding her views and showing interest in her with your naughty eyes, you are sure to have her tingling with anticipation.

• Do not "over-analyze":Instead of thinking about what moves other men might make to attract the woman of your choice or what might happen if she likes someone else, simply make your own moves with confidence. Over analyzing will not get you anywhere and might simply turn you into a nervous wreck. So, take a deep breath and go for it.

The woman that you like might also attract other suitors vying for her undivided attention. However, if you retain your confidence and make bold moves then you should easily get picked up by her radar. Even if you do make mistakes initially, you will quickly get a date if you learn from your errors.

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