How to Grow Taller Naturally With 4 Simple Exercises! Know This Before It's Too Late For You

Published: 17th May 2010
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Don't let your short stature make you despondent and an introvert. If you are tired of being short then know that there is hope for you. If you are willing to sacrifice a few minutes of your time every day towards an exercise regime, you will not be sorry! There are certain exercises you can do to increase your height. This is a proven fact and many so called "short" people have now joined the taller ranks in society!

Stretching exercises.
It is obvious that maximum amount of stretching exercises will help you to enhance your muscles and bones to grow more. Knee stretching exercises will help to develop your leg bones and ensure gain in height. In the same manner bending and touching your toes by keeping your legs and knees absolutely straight, pull-ups and hanging exercises will help.

Spine Stretching exercises.
It is possible to enlarge the spine. Disks of the spine can be developed in between bone segments of the spine. Body inversion, hanging and swimming are some exercises to enlarge these disks. When you sleep keep your spine straight without curling up as this will stop/inhibit the growth and development of the spine.

Use a bicycle.
Cycling is one of the best ways to enlarge and strengthen your leg bones. You should raise the seat of the cycle so that your legs have to strain to reach the pedals. Do this for half an hour daily. This will cause the ligaments, tendons and the muscles to really stretch and you will gain longer legs!

Yoga is practiced all over the world because it has been found effective. Yoga creates equilibrium in the body by increasing both strength and flexibility. The limbs are stretched to its maximum and this enhances and encourages them to get longer and stronger. Another advantage of yoga is that your mind is kept at rest and this makes you even more positive about your aim to grow taller.

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