How to Get Your Ex's Attention Once Again - They Will Find it Extremely Hard to Resist You

Published: 28th April 2010
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After a breakup, it is imperative that you do not fade away into the darkness in the eyes of your ex. You will need to draw attention to yourself and you can use these 3 tips on how to get your ex's attention once again to achieve your objective....

Tip No.1 - Fade out of sight. Although this tip seems to totally contradict your strategy, it is integral to your plan since it will allow matters to cool down and your absence will also get your ex's attention. This move will also enable you to appear back on the scene with a bang even as your ex could be left wondering about your disappearance.

Tip No.2 - Fade into your ex's sight at parties. Use parties or other get-togethers to appear before your ex. However, do not latch on to your ex and implore him/her to get back with you but instead maintain a dignified distance. Let your ex observe your confidence and maturity in handling the breakup. By now, even your ex might have become open to the idea of getting back with you but might be afraid of taking the first step.

Tip No.3 - Activate jealous mode within your ex. You can try flirting lightly at any of the parties or get-togethers where your ex too is present. This will get your ex in the jealous mode and will also make him/her insecure about the future of your broken relationship. Once your ex is convinced that you might just leave him/her permanently, he/she is sure to act rapidly to cut short the dreams of all potential suitors and claim you back.

These 3 moves will surely get your ex's attention and more importantly will force him/her to act quickly to regain the lost relationship. Use these moves with care and ensure proper timing to get the desired effect.

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