How to Get Your Ex to Answer Your Phone Calls - A Mind Blowing Trick Which Does Not Fail

Published: 28th April 2010
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You've had an awful quarrel which has led to your breakup. Now you're desperate for your ex to answer your phone calls. Your ex has been avoiding all your phone calls till now. Let us try some ways which will prompt your ex to answer your phone calls...

Call your ex on the cell-

When you call your ex on their cell phone they will know that the call has come from you. Your ex may still be fuming with you and will not respond to your call. Your ex would rather want you to come down on your knees begging him or her to return. So the best you can do is call your ex on the cell. Be prepared though that your ex will still not respond. You could try one more way by calling from your friend's cell and speak in only after your friend has first spoken to your ex mentioning that you will speak in after this.

Send a card-

May be a card well worded with the emotions you feel for your ex will prove to be a good idea to get your ex to answer your call later. Select your card with care. See that it is expressive and meaningful. May be it would soften your ex into answering your call. Try a message over the cell or send a hand written note professing your love. A message of love is sure to melt your ex's heart into answering your phone calls; if not, try one last way.

Send a gift-

Send your ex a gift! It could be flowers for an ex-girl or maybe a pen or wallet for your ex-male. The gift could be accompanied by a small note to say that you are missing your ex and would like to get back to the life you had enjoyed together. Try writing a love poem. Mention how much you love your ex and that you'd do anything to be together again. This gesture will surely make your ex answer your call thereafter.

Your attempts are sure to get your ex to answer your call. However, do remember to mention how much your ex has meant to you.

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