How to Get Your Ex Interested in You Again - You Will Never Have to Worry After This Point

Published: 27th April 2010
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Thinking of getting your ex back can give you shivers as it can be a daunting task. One has to act smart and hide his/her tears and emotions to come across stronger after the break up. Looking weak and timid will simply make you look like a loser, instead wipe your tears and use wise moves to get your ex interested in you again.

Here are 3 smart ways to get your ex interested in you again....

o Keeping yourself away from your ex for a few days works well many times in getting him/her back. Instead of pleading and begging your ex to come back try a vanishing act and keep your ex wondering about your disappearance. Not seeing you for days or receiving your calls will make him/her curious to know your whereabouts. This will prompt him or her to take first step to call you or meet you.

o The time you plan to reappear, make sure you do a complete and impressive make over that keeps your ex looking at you with wide eyes. Make an appearance with ravishing style and let your killer looks once again grab the attention of your ex. Give yourself a new haircut, polish your complexion and wear clothes that your ex had never seen you in. By doing this he/she is sure to feel a pinch in the heart for parting ways with you.

o Your new look and a confident wide smile on your face will certainly make your ex curious to come and talk to you and know if there is someone else behind your smile. When he/she tries to meet you or talk, be there but not instantly. Let them know you are not easy to get back after losing. This will make him/her insecure and would want to get back to you at the earliest.

Follow all the tips with confidence and let your ex know your worth before getting back in a relationship. Do not come across as a helpless person but show that you can enjoy life to the fullest without having someone special in your life. These wise moves are more than enough to get your ex running back to you.

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