How to Get Your Ex Interested in You Again - This Will Make Them Crawl Back to You Instantly

Published: 10th April 2010
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Being dumped by the person you always thought to be the "one" for you, is really heart-breaking. But post dumping, are you still facing difficulties in coming to terms with the break up? If that be the case, then this article can definitely help you ... know the ways of stimulating your ex's interest in you again....

Wear a Dynamic Personality-

Living a solitary life and nurturing your broken heart will not really work to make your ex interested in you once again. Rather, continue living your life the way you had always wanted to live it up. Visit your friends and relatives, go out shopping, pamper yourself with spa treatment, go on vacations and enjoy yourself to the fullest. Let your ex be under the impression that life for you has not stooped, just because he/ she has gone. Portraying the fact that you are not at all dependant on your relationships will make your ex re-think about his/ her decision to dump you.

Scarcity is the Best Policy-

"Absence makes the heart grow fonder" is a genuine proverb, and it is advisable that you follow the same and revive your ex's interest in you once again. Stay out of your ex-lover's way. No accidental meetings or blank phone calls. Severe all ties and communications, and stay apart for a while. See how excellently your absence makes your ex realize the fact that he/ she still loves you, and thus rekindles you ex's interest in you once again.

Careful Analysis-

A careful analysis about the shortcomings contributing to the break-up is very much essential. Understand and learn from your mistakes made and apologize for the same. Undergo a personality change, wear the right attitude and rule out all kinds of behavioral patterns that you know might vex your partner. On the whole, it is important that you present yourself as a changed human being - a transformed person, the way your ex always wanted you to be, and see how he/ she gets interested in you once again.

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