How to Get Your Ex Back If They Dumped You - Your Ex Will Crawl Back to You Instantly

Published: 27th April 2010
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Breaking off with your ex can be painful enough but the wound gets even more painful if you have been dumped by your ex. You will need to remain positive during this period for your moves to succeed. Go through these 3 ways on how to get your ex back if they dumped you and then just go get your ex back...

No.1 - Take a break. Give yourself a break and let your ex have one too. This will give you some time to think over your strategy while your ex introspects on his or her decision. By the end of a week or two, your ex might already have started missing you and regretting his or her decision. Since his or her pride will prevent the first move, you can make an appearance and make your moves.

No.2 - Make your cool move. Instead of latching on to your ex like a desperate leech, make sure that you approach your ex in a cool manner. Show off those points and mannerisms that were loved by your ex in the past. This could make your ex regret his or her decision of dumping you. Use the past few days to upgrade your looks and regain your self-esteem. This will make your ex take notice and will renew his or her interest in you.

No.3 - Take the initiative. If you wait for your dumper ex to make the first move, then you might end up waiting your entire life. If your ex has dumped you, then you will need to make the first move for reconciliation. Ask for forgiveness if your ex had dumped you due to your mistake and forgive your ex if the mistake was from his or her side. This reconciliation will start the chain of events that will eventually end up with your dumper ex retracting the dumping.

These 3 moves are certain to make your ex regret his or her dumping decision and will ensure that your ex gets back into your life.

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