How to Get Your Ex Back If They Dumped You - You Must Know This Before It's Too Late

Published: 27th April 2010
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If you still have some hidden feelings for your ex in your mind after being dumped then you probably want him/her back once again. It actually shows your true love for your ex which your ex probably failed to understand. But if you are still in a dilemma you need to ask yourself what you want. If your answer is that you want your ex back then you'll have to be discreet and you cannot cringe or think of begging your ex to come back. You would rather have to tactfully plan your course of action accordingly.

Follow these killer tips to have your ex back once again....

Be Confident-

Confidence is the key to success and you need to be very confident when you are dealing in such emotional issues. You need to pretend to be in the best of health and mood, though you might be feeling terribly upset inside. You should not reveal your emotions before your ex. If you show how nervous and panicky you are without him/her, your ex would lose interest.

Propose Friendship-

Even if you have parted as a couple, you can always be good friends. Propose your ex to be friends with you. At least you would be able to keep in touch then. Friendship can help in bridging all the distance between two people and your intention should be just that. You see sometimes out of sight can actually be out of mind. So try to maintain contact and lend your shoulder when your ex needs it.

Jealousy Doesn't Work Every time-

Some people tend to get engaged soon after a break up to make their ex jealous. This doesn't work always I tell you and you need to know if your ex would like that or not. Some of us would hate the idea of getting into another affair just after a break up; that shows that they have not be true to their partner and they are just flirts and nothing else. So know what you are doing.

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