How to Get Your Ex Back Even If They're Dating Someone Else - A Must Read For You

Published: 05th May 2010
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If your ex has started dating someone else then it could just be a sign that he/she could be trying to make you jealous or simply that your ex might be trying to compare the new date with you. Do not get flustered but instead use these 5 ways on how to get your ex back even if they're dating someone else and get your ex back in your arms.

1- If you are sure that the new date is simply a mismatch for your ex, then do not do anything at all.

Within a short period of time, your ex will realize that you were a zillion times better than his/her new date and cracks will start to appear in their relationship.

2- If your ex seems to be doing this act to make you jealous then show him/her that two can play the game.

Get hold of a hotter date to make your ex burn with envy and watch your ex try to pull out his/her foot from his/her oversized mouth.

3- If your ex seems to be getting serious then it may be time to hit below the belt of both the players.

Make anonymous calls to your ex's new date or get a friend to make those calls and inform the person about any bad or obnoxious habits of your ex. This is sure to put off the other person.

4- You should also start working on your physical appearance to look better. Go to a gym and a salon and get working on improving your body and looks. This will work in two ways.

The first is when your ex notices the new you and starts kicking his/her own backside for leaving you and the other is when he/she starts getting jealous as other fish try to nibble at the new, attractive you.

5-Instead of moaning about your unlucky stars, simply make a move ahead in life and show your ex that you don't care a dime. This will catch your ex by surprise and now it will be his/her turn to ditch the new date and come after you.

So, use these 5 ways to pry your ex away from his/her new date and watch your ex amble sheepishly into your arms.

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