How to Get Rid of Vaginal Odor Completely! Here is How to Cure it Within a Few Hours

Published: 06th May 2010
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Vaginal odor is not only embarrassing in company, but along with it comes the irritation and the itchy sensation.

The cause of the vaginal odor can be attributed to the yeast infection which has developed of late and is troubling you to the point of emitting an odor. So to rid yourself of the vaginal odor completely you will need to rid the yeast infection that is causing it.

1. The first thing is to maintain good personal hygiene. Wash yourself at the vagina as frequently as you use the toilet. Wash with plain water and avoid soap especially scented soap which is more damaging.

2. When using soap, specially the scented type, it kills the natural bacteria discharged by the vagina. The natural bacteria helps keep in control the infectious yeast bacteria.

3. Wash more frequently during the menstrual cycle and change your tampon frequently too. An overused tampon tends to produce vaginal odor as well.

4. Certain external applications are recommended to rid you of the yeast infection. These are yogurt, or tea tree oil, or even garlic. The tea tree oil needs to be diluted slightly and the garlic needs to be ground to a paste.

Dip a tampon into any one of these and insert into the vagina for a couple of hours.

5. Another of the hygienic treatments is to keep the vaginal exteriors completely dry after each wash. Drying should be done as frequently as the washing. In case you tend to perspire then wash and dry more often.

6. Ensure that you use cotton undergarments, as that helps keep the area dry and allows fresh air to pass through to keep the area dry.

7. Avoid all synthetic undergarments as they tend to make you perspire in the vaginal region. They also do not allow the passage of fresh air which assists to keep the area dry.

These tips will help you not only over come the yeast infection but along with it also the vaginal odor that it causes.

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