How to Get Rid of Pimples Almost Overnight? Here is the Amazing Tip You Really Need

Published: 06th May 2010
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Are you devastated at the sight of a huge pimple on your face the day before your prom night? Or are you horrified at the fresh outbreak of pimples just before your photo shoot or date with your girl/guy? These situations can make you break out in a cold sweat - but instead of panicking and getting frustrated, tackle the problem in the right way!

Get rid of the emotional stress you are going through. This stress will only aggravate the problem and plunge you in deep despair, and you don't need that. All you need is a clear head and a determination to fight the acne. Once you are calm you will probably see that the problem is not that bad in the first place.

Drink a lot of water, juices like carrot and lemon juice etc. This will help you get rid of toxins in your body. Stop eating unhealthy food like oily, fried fast food and instead have a balanced diet that will give you all the vitamins you need.

Use natural remedies that will bring about instant changes, like fresh lemon juice with rose water, Aloe Vera paste, turmeric and olive oil paste, papaya and cinnamon paste, common herbs - like fenugreek seed paste, etc., that will get rid of old skin and stop new acne. These pastes can be smeared on the infected areas and can be kept on overnight to have the best results.

Steaming your face and opening pores will help you to really clean your face. Once the pores are open, you can apply the face packs mentioned earlier. This will ensure the anti-bacterial qualities in them work without being hampered by dirt!

Make sure that you keep your body and especially your face clean at all times. Washing your hair regularly will keep pimples away from your forehead. These remedies will definitely bring desired results.

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