How to Get My Ex Back Without Begging Or Pleading? A Rock Solid Technique Which Gets Them Back!

Published: 27th May 2010
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Are you wondering how you can get your ex back, when you can't beg or plead? Well the solution is actually quite simple, and there is a rock solid technique which will get your ex back, WITHOUT making you look desperate...

Step #1: Improve your looks

This is the first step to making your ex want you back. You should understand that looks are things which people grow bored of with time, because we get used to them. Therefore, by improving your look, you give your ex something to notice again, and something to like, and feel attracted to once again.

Step #2: Change your style

Alongside looks, comes style. Instead of wearing the same old things that your ex is accustomed to, establish a new style which will make your ex take note of you.

Step #3: Date someone completely the opposite of your ex

It may be an enemy of his/hers, a colleague, or even someone else, but you want to date someone who is COMPLETELY the opposite to your ex. This will make him/her jealous and will get their attention instantly.

You see, when you start dating again, your ex will immediately compare themselves to whoever you are dating. They will assume this person is a rebound, and will expect you to find someone like them.

BUT, when you find someone who looks, acts, talks and is completely different, they will immediately feel threatened and jealous of this person, because they will then think that you NEVER liked them at all.

This in turn makes your ex start seeking your approval and attention, and you will notice your ex trying to get your attention by doing the same things you just did: changing their look, personality etc...

You may even watch your ex start dating too, just to make you jealous. But don't worry about these things, because once your ex starts doing the above, it means that they are solely concentrating on you, and want you back.

It also means that they are trying to get you to notice them again.

Step #4: Taking things further

But, you can take this further by playing hard to get when you are around your ex, and making it difficult for them to speak to you or talk to you, which in turn makes your ex want you even more.

You can also try appearing to be happier around your new date, than you did when you were with your ex. Laugh a lot and smile, and this will burn your ex even more and will make them desire you like they never have before.

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