How to Get My Ex Back Even When it Ended Badly - This Works No Matter How Bitter Your Breakup Was

Published: 22nd April 2010
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So it was some of your silly mistakes and stupid pranks that made you to call it quits? And now, you're finding it difficult to carry on with life without your ex-lover by your side? Seems you've yet to go a long way before you can finally convince him/ her to make a come back to your life. Yes, it is difficult but not impossible though. Certainly there are options that have still avenues left for you to get your ex back. The following paragraphs offer to help you in your mission....

Let everything calm down-

No hurries; no panics. Let things calm down. Take your time to compose yourself; don't act impulsively. Rather be a logical thinker and severe all your contacts with your ex-mate for the time being. Or you can also start o with him/ her on friendly terms. It's just like saying a simple "hi" or "hello" whenever you come across in the college campus or office canteen or any communal place. Restrict yourself just to that and do not make the mistake of going overboard. The more you stay away, the better it is for your love saga in the long-run.

Be precise, yet share good terms-

There's no harm in either of you conversing over the phone or in person, but you should know where to draw the line. Just for the sake of creating the impression "I understand it was my mistake", it is important that you apologize whenever you are on talking terms, and also be sure to cut your conversation short. Be the first one to end it. This will make your ex come under the impression that you are truly apologetic. Yes, I know.... a bit of mind games; but for the sake of your relationship to revive, you have to play it out. Simply let your ex start the chase, the urge to get you back.

The Best policy - Forgive and Forget-

Finally, it is important that you on your part offer your ex to forget and forgive all that has happened in the past and start afresh. Learn from your mistakes, but no carrying forward grievances. Change yourself for the better and be a dignified, respectable person. Earn your respect and be adored.

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