How to Get Huge Biceps Fast? Here is How to Triple Your Results in No Time at All

Published: 14th May 2010
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Every time you watch a body builder flex those biceps, you long for those muscles so that you too could show them off! Those muscles didn't come easy and like most body builders will tell you, it took a lot of hours of hard work and determination to get them! If you are willing to give a lot of your time and energy towards building those muscles - you too can have huge biceps.

Make sure your training involves a lot of push and pull techniques which are basically designed to build biceps. These exercises apply stress on the biceps and finally lead to muscle mass gain. Bicep exercises should be done twice a week to get optimal results. Don't overdo or over train. A careful and steady regime if adopted will ensure muscle gain. To develop endurance in your arms and biceps, the weight should be lightened and the number of reps increased.

Use dumbbells to train your biceps. Dumbbell hammer curls are very effective exercises for biceps. Standing hammer curls are supposed to be better for you than seated hammer curls as they help you to get the required tension for your biceps.

It is recommended to stand with a wall at your back while doing bicep exercises. This is because you should not lean back during these exercises. In this way you will be forced to use your bicep muscles to move the weight and not the weight of your body. Also make sure that you lock your elbows internally while doing the hammer curl exercises.

Never start a body building regime and give up half way! Getting disillusioned and frustrated will not bring you any results. Take the advice of professionals as well as your fitness trainer and physician. This way you will not do anything to harm your body. Preacher curls though difficult to do will bring about a great change in the size of your biceps.

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