How to Get Hot Girls Even If You Are Average - The 4 Most Amazing Tips No Guy Should Miss at All

Published: 28th April 2010
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A common misnomer is that girls fall only for the muscled, handsome man. So, if you are average you have less chances of being any girl's pick. Here are few tips to get the hot girls in spite of being average...

No myths about who girls prefer-

Men with average physiques think they have no chance of being a girl's man. Not all girls think that way. The looks do count to an extent but again that is not a criterion for preference. Yes, certainly you should have a clean appearance in your manner of dressing.

Show off your humor-

So what if the muscles and swanky looks are missing. You're cheerful and humorous! So play up these qualities and you'll see how girls fall over you. If you can keep your girl in splits of laughter you'll be amazed how she'll prefer you in spite of being average. Be generous with your use of humor and cheer to prove you are a better guy.

You're sensitive and kind-

This is another strong point in your favor. Every girl likes a man who is sensitive to her feelings and who is also kind and thoughtful. That will show the amount of caring you have within you. Your girl would prefer that because eventually she'd rather have a man with a caring heart as a life partner.

Integrity and intelligence-

This is another quality any girl would look for in the man she wishes to spend her life with. She knows she will be able to depend and rely on you through life. Your intelligent demeanor will further prove how well informed and worldly wise you are.

Women love to feel they are the envy of others, because you are the best man a girl could wish for as a life partner.

Now listen carefully-

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