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Published: 30th April 2010
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Have you ever wondered why you just cannot get the attention of any girl when you enter a room? Well it still isn't very late to learn a couple of useful tricks to get any girl's attention real fast, after all life will always offer you a second chance. Choose the right bag of tricks to woo a girl and see what a difference it will make to your life - go get her dude.

You are what your clothes show you to be - what you wear will always matter to every girl. So the next time you are out socializing with people - don't forget to dress up in the best possible manner. Use a dash of cologne or perfume which gels well with your personality - your clothes and accessories should set you off from the rest of the guys.

Attitude counts big time - always look confident when you enter a room. Keep a killer smile ready when you meet your friends as well as new people. A combination of confidence and friendliness always works well, as every girl appreciates these two qualities in a guy.

Compliment her - no girl can resist a good compliment, so don't miss any opportunity to praise her genuinely. Say something good about her which has not been said by anyone else - let it be something true and unique about her. This will definitely get the girl's attention totally towards you.

Be yourself - don't be a phony, this will put off most girls who are attending any social gathering. Instead don't be afraid to show your real nature especially if you are a nice guy at heart. If you are helpful by nature, continue doing that - most girls appreciate this quality in any guy.

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