How to Get Any Girl Literally Addicted to You - A Simple 'Advanced Super-Mastery' Trick Which Works

Published: 30th April 2010
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Asking a girl out or spending some time isn't enough if you want to be with this girl for a long time to come. She might drift away from you for a variety of reasons which might include boredom or attention from other guys. So you would need to get her literally addicted to you. This isn't as hard as it seems as the following tips will show you...

Are you sensitive to her feelings - very often some things which seem silly to you might matter a lot to your girl. You would thus need to develop a certain amount of sensitivity so that she feels loved and respected by you. This will help you to build her trust in you - once this is done, she will be totally addicted to you.

Emotions count - you might be the coolest dude on earth, but if your girl is not emotionally attached to you, she will slowly drift from you. You thus need to do all the possible things which will make her emotionally attached to you. If you know her well enough, this should not be a difficult task for you.

Don't take advantage of her vulnerability - most girls can be vulnerable at any given time. At such times, it's very important for you to stand by your girl. Don't take advantage of her in such a situation - physically or emotionally - let her know you care for her instead.

Master of all situations - girls love it when a guy can tackle all kinds of situation. Improve your crisis management skills and use them at the first given opportunity. Your girl will look up to you in such a situation and will always be addicted to you - other handsome guys don't matter anymore to her as you have proved yourself in every possible way.

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