How to Get a Girl's Phone Number - You Cannot Fail As Long As You Use This to Your Advantage

Published: 28th April 2010
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If you are really interested in a girl and have managed to introduce yourself and have even managed to chat up with her then the next crucial step would be to get her phone number. Here are 3 tips on how to get a girl's phone number without the girl batting an eyelid.

Tip 1 - Set her up. Even before you ask for her phone number, you need to ensure that you make her comfortable by talking constantly with her. However, observe her body language to find out if she is getting bored. Use humor to make her comfortable and talk on topics that interest her instead of rambling on the eating habits of the polar bears.

Tip 2 - Timing is everything. Asking for her number at the start of the conversation will probably result in her getting panicky and giving you the wrong number or might even end up in a firm 'no'. Waiting for too long might result in her getting called away by friends and you losing the golden opportunity. You can make your move as soon as she begins to feel comfortable. If she is looking at you shyly and fluttering her eyes at you then ask for the number without wasting a single moment.

Tip 3 - Step in valiantly if she needs any help. If you can help out the girl in any way then speak out and ask for her number so that you can contact her. This is a valid excuse that the girl will not be able to reject. If you do not have time to execute any of the above tips then at least move off by giving the girl your own number. That way, you can at least hope that the girl might call you back if she is interested in you.

These 3 tips will make the girl comfortable and confident enough to give you her number without any apprehension. Use them and get any girl's number in an instant.

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