How to Get a Girl to Like You Instantly? Learn These Tricks & Become a Girl Magnet Instantly

Published: 12th May 2010
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Ask yourself. "Am I a likable person?" If you're being truly honest, the answer may surprise you and you will find that there are many qualities that you possess that are not so likable! The obvious thing to do is to get rid of those qualities as soon as possible and then maybe you have a chance with that girl you like!

Don't look and dress like a slob. Be well groomed. Girls always notice when you take care of your appearance. Well dressed boys automatically attract attention. Couple that with good posture and you have already made a start!

Have the right attitude. Don't be a "Mr. Know-it-all"! If you are full of yourself, and brag about everything (especially all your conquests) you have made the biggest blunder of your life. A humble and down to earth guy is appealing to a girl.

Don't be a bully! Girls will think that you are the same bully from the 1st grade who has come back to make their lives miserable! Don't pressure her and don't push it. Take your time and make her like you. If you rush things it could put her off you forever! It helps not to assume things and read too much in her gestures and words.

Never show a girl that you are interested in her sexually at the very first meeting. Keep your eyes from roving over her body. Stop checking her out - it would make her squirm under that scrutiny! You have to let her know that you just want to be good friends. This will make her relax instantly and trust you around her.

If the girl sees that you are being honest, she will like you immensely. Remember the truth always surfaces and you may just be the person who brings it to light at a later period! Now you can safely ask yourself again - "Am I likeable?" I think you will be happy to note that you are!

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