How to Get a Girl to Like You - You Will Have Girls Literally Addicted to You After You Read This

Published: 27th April 2010
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It's important that a girl likes you, before you can hope to spend time with her. It all depends if you're just out for a fling or if you're serious about her and wish to romance her....

Play it safe-

Do not push things too hard or the opportunity will slip away. Playing it safe is the surer way to winning her. Get noticed by the girl you crave. Hang around within reach. Behave with propriety and respect. Be jovial and humorous and not boisterous or rowdy. Greet girls with respect, especially your dream girl. Never poke fun at other girls in her presence else she'll easily suspect it could be her some other time. This 'best behavior' attitude will win her heart and you'll soon find her taking an interest in you.

Display the gentleman in you-

Every girl would like to be leaning on the arm of a perfect gentleman whom she can trust. Just be sure not to be callous and deceive her. Be on your best behavior at all times. That will find her seeking your company more frequently. Show interest in the things she likes and also tell her about yourself. Discuss sensible topics, while not appearing boring and serious. Display a certain amount of flirtation while you pay sufficient attention too. She'll enjoy whatever time she spends with you.

Display your chivalrous side-

If you're in high school or college, make sure that she always finds you waiting round the corner for her. Carry her books while you walk along. And if you're working make it a point to pick her up after work. Take her out for an ice-cream or a surprise dinner before dropping her home. But also make sure to formally invite her out sometimes. Do complement her about her dress and the colors that suit her. You'll find her wearing the very colors you appreciated her in.

If you follow these simple tips you'll receive enough indications that the girl of your dreams also likes you just as much as you like her.

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