How to Get a Girl to Kiss You - Here Are the Most Effective Tricks You Just Can't Miss

Published: 12th May 2010
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If you have started dating a girl and want to kiss her then rather than trying to convince her to let you kiss her or worse, trying to forcibly plant a kiss on her lips, change the situation in such a manner that the girl gets impatient to lay a kiss on you.

Here are 4 tips on how to get a girl to kiss you, again and again.

1. The first step is to get her into a romantic and passionate mood. Simply waiting for a kiss without any feelings attached could spoil the magic of the first kiss.

Talk romantically with your girlfriend and if possible get her in a nostalgic mood. Hug her if you can or simply hold her hands while talking to her or walking with her.

2. Get those kissing machines ready for the kiss. Yes, your lips have to seem attractive enough for your girl to want to kiss them.

If your lips are dry, cracked or chapped then even your pet dog will not come near you, forget about your girl coming near to kiss you. So, get that chap-stick out and drink lots of water to stay hydrated for a kissing session in the near future.

3. If possible, take your girl to a well-shaded park or embark on a small trekking expedition where you might get some privacy. If that is not possible, then the last option would be to look for two corner seats in a movie theatre.

4. If your hugging, caressing and romantic talk has had its effect and if your lips are moist and ready for the first kiss along with your fresh mint-laced breath, then you can expect your girl to be ready for her first kiss too.

Take the initiative and kiss her lightly on her lips. Stay only on her lips until your tongue gets the permission to wander into wetter pastures.

Use these 4 tips and get ready for a mind-blowing first kiss with your girl. Set up the right mood and get your lips ready to enjoy a delicious first kiss from your girl.

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