How to Flirt With Girls - Be the Ultimate Girl Magnet No Girl Can Ever Resist

Published: 27th April 2010
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If you want to become a hit with the girls instead of being hit constantly by girls, you will need to become an expert flirt. However, before you start to strutt your stuff, read these 3 tips on how to flirt with girls....

Tip # 1 - Look hot, act cool. Your dress sense should be tuned with your looks in such a manner that you look hot even in a sweat-suit. Dressing shabbily is a big turn off for girls and girls will not even allow you near them if you are not looking hot. On the other hand you should act cool, talk in low-pitched voice and remain composed even if a scorpion enters your pants while you are talking to those girls. This way, everyone including the girls and the scorpion will get impressed.

Tip # 2 - Use your eyes to hypnotize. Use your eyes to good effect. Firstly it will act as a charm as each girl will think that she is special as you gaze deeply into her eyes and secondly the reflection in the girl's eyes will tell you as to whether she is impressed by your efforts or not. While dreamily looking into any girl's eyes, also make it a point to praise her looks, clothes, accessories or any other feature that crosses your mind.

Tip # 3 - Laugh your way into those girls hearts. Humor too plays an important part in flirting with girls. It can make you the center of their attention as you make them laugh constantly while it will also help to break the ice with the shy ones. Of course, spending a little money by treating the girls to a shake or a movie will also help. So, practice your Jay Leno moves in front of the mirror before you practice them before the girls. Change your style according to the response that you get from the girls.

These 3 tips will turn you into an instant flirt master and you will become the cynosure of all girls every time you approach them.

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