How to Flirt With Girls - 4 Most Effective Flirting Tricks Which Will Get Any Girl to Like You

Published: 29th April 2010
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Flirting is interacting which shows that you are interested romantically or sexually in a person. It has to be done the right way so that girls won't notice that you are already flirting. If you come on too strong, they might take it the wrong way and think that you are harassing her. If you don't do it the right way, she will treat you as a pest....

Be confident- sure, you are nervous to be around a girl you like. Try to fake confidence because girls won't take you seriously if you are nervous. Don't be arrogant. Tell her stories, jokes and tease her a little. Listen and be interested in whatever she has to say.

Complement her- girls like to get complements. You can complement them on their attitude, achievements and the way they look. When you complement them on the way they look, make sure that you don't come off as gay. Don't overdo flattery.

Eye contact- some romantics say that it's through the eyes that you can see the other's soul. Maybe this is true, it is definitely true that eye contact works like wonders. If you are interested in a girl, try making eye contact with her a few seconds more than normal. Sometimes, some guys try to make eye contact with a girl and once the girl looks back, the guy immediately looks down. Girls can immediately tell that you are interested when you do this but it sends a message that you may be too shy to talk to her but you are a sensitive fellow. Girls like sensitivity.

Don't flirt with more than one girl at once- flirting shows a girl that you are interested with her. If you do it to more than one girl at once, girls will think that you are nothing but a flirt. They will lose interest in forming a real relationship with you.

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