How to Flirt With Girls - 3 Stunning Tricks to Get Any Woman UNCONTROLLABLY Attracted to You

Published: 27th April 2010
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Guys are often poor in flirting with girls; it is an art darling and you need to polish it. No one is a born flirt; it isn't in your genes as well. You have to work hard to be a good flirt who can attract girls like bees.

Flirting is not something to be avoided when it comes to girls. Traditionally, people believed tat flirting is disregarded and is something that only the bad guys do. But I am afraid that's not how things are any longer. You must understand that it is through your way of flirting that you can gather girls around you and make them bound to feel attracted towards you as well. How? Well I'll tell you how you can master this art...

Follow these 3 tips religiously and you'll see how it works...

Be a Good Speaker-

Girls admire those guys who can speak well; not all of you can. Some guys are exceptionally good speakers. You should know how to keep a girl engrossed with your talks, just don't give her chance to look at anything beyond you. So, mastering the tongue is the first and foremost option. Also being a good speaker doesn't mean you blabber all nonsense; speak only about these things you know. F you have no knowledge about the topic which is being discussed, just switch over to something else. Remember that the first impression is the last impression and you cannot afford to fail here.

Flaunt your Confidence; Rather Over Confidence-

Girls prefer a confident guy, that's how they determine guy's personality. Sometimes, being over-confident works better than just being confident. So flaunt your over confidence. Be spontaneous and loud in this regard and it'll work for you.

Your Body Language-

Girls like to read a guy's mind, at lest they try to. So you got to give her the tome to look into your eyes. Make eye contacts whenever you can. Touch her hand accidentally when sitting right next to you, apologize for that, see her reaction. Did she like it? I am sure she did.

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