How to Flirt With Girls - 3 Most Stunning Flirting Tricks No Guy Should Dare to Miss

Published: 28th April 2010
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Flirting is all about light hearted attention and advances. These tend to be more verbal initially. But as time goes by, the physical aspect too must come in. However, it all depends to what extent you wish to be familiar with the girl. If it's in your nature to flirt with all alike without a serious motive then it gets restricted to being mere verbal. But if your intention is more serious, then the physical will come in at your second or third meeting. Let us see how you should get started....


The first thing about verbal flirting is being confident about your word skills. You must have that flair for flirtatious conversation. Be humorous and jovial and familiarize yourself with double meanings or puns and use them generously. Know when to say what and how to put it across. Keep conversation light and jocular. Keep your girl in splits. She'll love you for that. Of course if she's the serious type then may be she's not meant for you!


Depending on how much time you've already spent with her and how fast she eggs you on, hold her hand. Maybe you should practice a little palm reading so you have a ready excuse to hold her hand and caress it to an extent which is not too obvious initially. Most people are fascinated by having their characteristics read from their palm.


By now you should have gauged her inclination towards you. Perhaps she would like to meet you again. Get your conversation round to asking her out for dinner at your next meeting. She would love to be pampered, so take her to a good place which also suits your pocket. You should order your dinner with her approval of a particular savory or cuisine. And most important of all do remember to kiss her goodnight at her doorstep. Tell her how lovely the evening was and that you would like to spend more time with her in the future.

These tips are sure to make your flirting meaningful.

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