How to Drive Your Ex Crazy to Be Back With You! Stunning Psychological Tricks Finally Revealed

Published: 23rd May 2010
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What do you do to make your ex want to get back to you? You and your ex split up a couple of weeks ago and you are still hurting badly. It is alright to feel bad. It is acceptable that you feel sad and lonely. However, you have to snap out of your "gloom". If you want your ex back you have to do something, quick.

Think carefully about the situation - Ask yourself what caused the separation. Was it your inability to anticipate the needs of your ex? Was it your selfishness? Was it your look that is progressively becoming unattractive? If you have answered these questions truthfully, plan on the what and how of solving the differences.

Do not call your ex - or leave him text messages or emails or instant messaging. Just stop! Do not do anything to let your ex know that you are just dying to do talk to him or her. Let your ex think that you have no problem with the breakup.

Make yourself attractive - For whatever reason your ex left you, it is immaterial with regards to making yourself attractive. You have to improve your looks for your sake and not tour ex's! Do something with your hair. Give your old clothes to the Salvation Army. If your teeth are crooked and bucked, go visit a dentist for consultation. If you have acne, go visit a dermatologist.

Make your move - After spending some time making self-improvements, it is time to flaunt yourself. Spy on the whereabouts of your ex and plan on "accidentally" bumping into him or her. Dress carefully for the occasion. Make your ex feel that he or she made a real bad decision when he or she sees you looking in top form. You might shock your ex into coming back to you.

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