How to Drive Your Ex Crazy to Be Back With You - Stunning Tricks You Don't Want to Miss at All

Published: 21st May 2010
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Don't waste time feeling hopelessly desperate because your boyfriend or girlfriend broke up with you. Oh know it's easier said than done but hey! That's life. It goes on. Stop feeling sorry for yourself and bounce right back. If after all that has been said and done you still feel the need to have your ex come crawling back to you, here are some tips on how to do it.

Do the Silent Treatment - Stop pestering your ex with calls and messages begging him/her to come back to you. That is one dismal move. You will lose whatever respect your ex has for you. Try to move on by keeping yourself busy. If you are still in school, concentrate on your school work. It would do you no good if you fail in love and fail in your subjects too.

Make Yourself Available - I am not saying you advertise to the whole world that you are out of a relationship and are currently available. That would have no class. A better way to do this may be going out with other friends. Your ex would definitely be curious as to why you've stop calling him and two, who you are going out with. You can even take pictures of your "dates" and post them in your social networking site - for your ex to see.

Be Buff and Beautiful - Shed the old you and go for a makeover. Pump it out! Sport a new hairstyle. Buy new outfits to complement the new you. Pamper yourself by getting a massage or a day of relaxation at a spa. If you feel good, you'd definitely look good.

Be Patient - Your ex will call you. Why? Because you have kept yourself busy, attractive and have not called your ex. By this time, your ex's curiosity has been piqued! If your ex calls, ask him/her how he/she is and very subtly ask to meet up with your ex for coffee. Work it from there.

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