How to Drive Your Ex Crazy After You - Here Are 3 Most Absolute Must Know Tricks For You

Published: 28th April 2010
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If you want your ex to get back together with you again, you will need to arouse the right feelings that will make your ex crazy with desire for you. Play these 3 tricks on your ex and watch him/her lurch crazily to get you back...

Trick 1 - Wow! Who's that? Take a small hiatus immediately after your breakup to cry your eyes out. But, bounce back immediately to get into a body shaping and mind calming program to get a totally new look. Add a haircut and a new wardrobe and you will be ready to totally surprise your ex and anyone else that lays their eyes on you. Let your ex gasp for breath after seeing you for the first time after your breakup. This new first impression is bound to make your ex bang his/her head against the wall in frustration of letting you go.

Trick 2 - Set the social scene on fire. Get seen at parties or get-togethers where your ex would be present. Do not mingle too much with him/her but instead mingle and flirt with other people. This will make your ex turn red under the collar and your new look will only make things worse for him/her. Remember to keep your flirting at a light-hearted level so as not to jeopardize your future get-together with your ex.

Trick 3 - Flutter around like a butterfly. Keep your distance from your ex whenever you meet him/her. People like to win when challenged and by retaining a little distance with your ex, you will dare him/her to exercise that primitive instinct and compel him to get into action to win you back. Do not succumb to any pressure immediately but get your ex to slowly agree to your terms once you have activated his/her desire to get you back into the relationship.

These 3 tricks are sure to drive your ex crazy after you and he/she will definitely make moves to attract you back into the relationship.

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